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Mutualisation of logistics with artisan-producers
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Organic coffee
Different type of coffee are sold in our company. Various coffees are available in the house: Colombian coffee, Peruvian, Ethiopian mocha, Mexican, Italian and decaffeinated.
Tea and infusions
We offer various kind of tea of different brands with different flavors such as nature, mint,spices, lemon, fruity ... We also have teas of all flavors.

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come and visit our alcoholic beverages, beers produced by our partners near the region. And also our wines produced by our various partners in the region.
Discover the variety of fruit juices at your disposal such as nectar, pineapple, mango, papaya, tropical ...
Various products
We offer various products such as dates, pistachios, figs, blackberries, vegetables, quinoa seeds ... All made in compliance with regulations of Organic Food from various countries like Iran.
We also sell soups under the brand "of Maraichers Cart" in the form of stew, soup or soup more classical.
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All our chocolates are manufactured by SALDAC craft on the Loire region, which cocoa beans are imported from around the world and take you time by a tasting.
Sweet flavor
Discover our various sugars organic cane sugar or white sachet bags.
Our jams conventional by Daniella Pergot are composed of different flavors such as red berries, exotic and traditional flavors rained.
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